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"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
Iris Levy

Customer support

Users will be able to issue new requests and get updates until the ticket is closed. The service provider will get alerts, and you will be able to monitor customer satisfaction. 

Collect responses

You will be able to send questionnaires. Your users will be able to fill it faster than ever. You will get more responses in less time.

remain responsive across devices

Using WhatsApp cross-platform functionality, the ChatBot will work on every Mobile & Tablets, Mac’s, and personal computers that WhatsApp is working on. 

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Real time interaction

By choosing to use WhatsApp chatbot, over Emails, users usually respond near realtime to your messages.

Multilingual & translatable

The ChatBots can speak to the users and their preferred language.

Less plugins needed

By using ChatBots, you don't need to install plugins on your website for add new functionality.

Amazingly responsive

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Faster response time

By using WhatsApp, you can be sure that your customers and service provider will get the alerts they need precisely when they need.

Saving costs

WhatsApp chatbot can reduce the time and efforts of your team.

Create a WHATSAPP Chatbot

It has never been easier to create ChatBots for WhatsApp

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